Agency Description:

For more than 50 years the Center for Developmental Disabilities of Pike County, Ltd. has provided educational, therapeutic, behavioral and family support services for children with developmental delays and disabilities from birth through Kindergarten age. Our grass roots response began with one woman, a nurse who visited families and helped them access information and services. This support was informal and often based on word of mouth from family to family.

Over the years, CDD has evolved into a multi-disciplinary program which currently provides services to over 200 families in Pike County. The Center for Developmental Disabilities offers licensed, professional services. We offer a quality pre-kindergarten program that follows the Pennsylvania Department of Education standards and curriculum guidelines. Our classroom teachers are certified and licensed. Our family support staff is experienced in working with complex family issues and successful in supporting families in need. Our classrooms maintain a high staff to child ratio which ensures our ability to meet individual needs of the children we serve. We do not expel any child from our program for behavioral challenges. We remain committed to serving children and families in need and to helping all children reach their potential. CDD is a licensed STARS 4 Early Learning Center in Pike County.

We believe each child is capable for learning, growing, and developing. We believe each child and family is unique regarding its priorities, needs, culture, values and lifestyles. We believe each family has the right to make choices regarding the supports and they receive.


Services Provided:

CDD provides Early Intervention Services to all eligible Pike County children ages 0-3 and all Delaware Valley School District eligible children ages 3-5. CDD also provides early learning services to other high risk populations of the children in Delaware Valley School (Head Start, PreK Counts). CDD programming includes the provision of comprehensive pre-kindergarten educational and therapeutic services. Our program also includes family support services that provide a link for families to community support services they are eligible for and in need of. This service reflects our commitment to providing support to families during a time of increased stress and to maintain a healthy, intact and functioning family. It is our goal to prepare each child to successfully transition to Kindergarten and to support families in maximizing their resources.

When children enter the Early Intervention program, they are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of trained and licensed professionals to perform developmental screenings.  This multi-disciplinary team includes certified and licensed teachers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and behavioral analysts.  The child’s baseline of functioning is established in the areas of social/emotional, cognitive, fine and gross motor, behavioral and self-help skills.  The baseline is recorded and program goals are developed by the team and are individualized for each child. 


The multi-disciplinary team and the Family Support Staff meet weekly to discuss the progress of each child and the needs of each family.  Communication is fluid and ongoing. Program goals and changes are made if necessary.  Program changes are based on the evaluative data taken for each child and classroom observations recorded by the multi-disciplinary team. The family is considered a part of the multi-disciplinary team and is an integral part of their child’s program.


Clients Served:

CDD provides Early Intervention and Early Learning services to children birth-5 years who live in Pike County, in their natural environment.  CDD also services children in Pike County based on economic need, giving them the access to Early Learning regardless of their ability to pay through our Early Head Start, Head Start and PreK Counts programs.

On average CDD services over 200 families in Pike County per year.


We would like to thank Andrew Jorgenson, owner of the Historic Dimmick Inn for hosting Laugh 4 A Cause to benefit the Center of Developmental

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