This a very fitting story for the year we are all having and just the type of ending we all need to hear.   When Connor LaMarco originally approached C.D.D. to present his Boy Scout Eagle project slated for the spring, he could not have imagined what lay head. Of course none of us could! Among the many structures provided for the children on the playground is a sandbox near a stone walkway. However, due to its location the sandbox is always exposed to harsh sunlight throughout the day. Often loose sand often creates a slick coating atop the walkway. This proposed project would relocate the sandbox so that it is not so close to the walkway and a pergola above the new sandbox would provide shade from the sun. The project was originally to be started in the spring but of course got derailed a little. Nothing like facing a pandemic and let’s throw in a lumber shortage for good measure. (no pun intended!) Well, being a Boy Scout and having a strong desire to complete the project, C.D.D. is proud to announce the completion of the Pergola and new sandbox! We thank Connor and the Boy Scouts for their community service! The children of C.D.D. will benefit greatly due to his efforts and his desire to succeed. We wish him well in his journey to Eagle Scout!

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